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Version 2020.00 

Default online server to retrieve audio CD info changed to gnudb (freed is no longer available as of June 13, 2020)
Check out www.gnudb.org
Minor tweaks and bug fixes
System information Utility updated
New Installer

Version 2019.10 

Minor tweaks and bug fixes

Version 2019.00 

CD-Runner is now FREE! 
Many thanks to my loyal customers and beta testers over the past 20+ years
Feel free to enjoy and distribute freely
Improvements for latest versions of Windows 10
Minor cosmetic improvements to buttons and screens
Updates for FLAC and AC3 music files
Updated DSD (Direct Stream Digital) playback support (*.dsf, *.dff aka DSF and 
CD Ripper Updates
initial load time improved (faster) due to removal of code needed to check for 
registered ID Key (no longer required)
System Information Utility updated
New Installer with faster install time

Version 2018.00 

Cosmetic improvements and bug fixes
Improvements for latest versions of Windows 10
Updates for WAV, FLAC and DSD music files
Program initial load time improved (faster)
Improved registration of ID Key
System Information Utility updated
New Installer

Version 2017.00 

Windows 10 scaling support improved
New 4K compatibility mode option improvements
Cosmetic improvements and bug fixes
Fixed problem with upgrading license key from older versions (where old key was corrupt)
Improved CD Ripper speed for all supported rip modes
Updated system information utility
Updates for MIDI, WAV, FLAC, OPUS, OGG and DSD music files
Improved support for very long music file tags
Improved support for Cyrillic characters
Updated free Internet Radio Stations
New Installer

Version 2016.00 

Windows 10 scaling support added; note: although Microsoft does not recommend it, a custom scaling level of 125% looks much better subjectively (similar to previous Windows versions using Large Fonts mode)
New 4K compatibility mode option added (CD-Runner Setup, Advanced 2 tab) for systems using 4K (3840 x 2160) display(s); resolves driver issues associated with fonts when using standard Windows 10 scaling.
Touchpad faceplate size toggle fixed when switching orientation (landscape <--> 
portrait) and/or size (small <--> large)
Updated DSD (Direct Stream Digital) playback support (*.dsf, *.dff aka DSF and 
CD Ripper Update for Alternate Digital Rip Mode
New WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) output support - allows management of all audio streams in a session as a single unit, and allows bit-exact output and 
muting all other sounds
Updated file tags for all supported music files
Updates for:
AAC (includes AAC+ & Shoutcast)
AC3 (Dolby Digital)
ALAC (Apple Lossless)
APE (Monkey's Audio)
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
MPC (Musepack)
OPUS (lossy audio compression format)
TTA (True Audio)
WV (WavPack)
New Installer

Version 2015.20 

Support added for final production versions of Windows 10
NOTE: if you are using Windows 10 with high DPI, in your CDRunner directory right click cdrunner.exe, click Properties, Compatibility, check Disable display scaling on high DPI settings (CD-Runner will look as intended and not stretched or slightly "out of focus").
New EQ slider button colors (Windows 10 only)
New Installer

Version 2015.10 

New option to allow Cyrillic characters to be displayed, CD-Runner Setup, Adv. 2 tab:
If unchecked, all Cyrillic characters will be removed (new default option)
If checked, all Cyrillic characters will be displayed automatically using suitable Windows fonts
Fix for MP3 tag issue with damaged or corrupt MP3 files (non-alphanumeric characters were sometimes displayed)
Improved method of filtering out illegal filename characters " * . / : < > ? \ | plus all character codes less than 32
Support for very long FLAC tags (e.g. album names > 30 characters)

Version 2015.00

Comprehensive redesign to support Windows 10:
Registered Users may need to re-enter their license key after installation
Depending on install location, existing users may need to re-enter any custom settings using the CD-Runner Setup program
It is recommended to have as few other programs running when CD-Runner is installed and to reboot your system after installation is complete
New DSD (Direct Stream Digital) playback support (*.dsf, *.dff aka DSF & DSDIFF)
Updated playback code for:
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
WV (WavPack)
Support for multiple monitors (was previously 1 or 2), CD-Runner Setup, Advanced 2 tab to set
New Media Center feature to save selected file(s) as new playlist
Running Setup while playing (e.g. media files or audio CDs) modified greatly to improve performance and appearance
Fixed audio CD playback problem if last track finished playing and instead of ejecting CD or using repeat mode you tried to replay the same CD
Startup positions of all screens automatically saved and used with new logic to prevent from being displayed off-screen if switching from 2+ monitors to 1 in CD-Runner Setup
Equalizer startup position improved if using 2+ monitors
EQ settings window now displayed in Windows Taskbar
License key installation issue on computers with Windows rights issues fixed (rare problem caused by having Windows rights too high)
Updated Installer, with fix for first time installation on new computer

Version 2014.60

New Internet Radio Station features:
Player modified to save last successfully connected station and use as default on startup
New connection options for stations that do not allow or publish direct access 
PLS files, stream addresses and/or URLs - set in CD-Runner Setup:
Use Browser Compatible URL (if the next 2 options are unchecked AND the online station does not require a play button to be clicked to start, then this is the most transparent option)
Display Mini Browser - if checked, a mini browser window will be displayed allowing the play button or link to be clicked; also includes minimize button
Display Web Browser - if all of the above fails, the URL is passed to your web browser for playback
Support added for new high resolution screens:
3200 x 1800 (laptops+)
3840 x 2160 (ultra HD, aka 4K)
Updated playback code for OPUS (lossy audio compression format)
Fix for peak hold, LCD mode, using Windows small fonts
Fix for Listview problem on all Windows 8 OS, caused program to hang on some systems

Version 2014.50

New Parametric & Graphic Equalizers:

31-Band EQ added with button to select 15 or 31-Band EQs
Better sound (even for small desktop speakers) possible now with 31-Band and system specific fine tuning of EQ
Option to enter EQ frequency settings for both 15 and 31 Bands
Automated profile switching between 15 and 31 Band modes with specific profiles for each mode
New option to display corresponding musical notes instead of frequencies for 
sliders from C-1 (8.18Hz) to B10 (31.61 KHz), use Setting button and on popup, select:
Display Frequencies
Display Notes
Move mouse over frequencies or notes labels to display popup (tooltip) of related information (frequency, note closest instrument type) 
Default EQ profiles updated 

Minor cosmetic improvements

New Spectrum Analyzer

New 34-Band SA with option to switch between 12 and 34 bands
New wide display mode for all SA types:
New option to display corresponding musical notes instead of frequencies for 
sliders from C-1 (8.18Hz) to B10 (31.61 KHz), use Mode button to change Bars from:
If custom 15 or 31 band EQ profile used, SA will automatically use in place
of default frequencies; new (missing) bands are automatically interpolated
Move mouse over frequencies or notes labels to display popup (tooltip) of related information (frequency, note closest instrument type) 

Load Playlist and Edit Playlist options moved to main popup (right click faceplate)
New option to apply setup changes only at program start; if enabled (setup, Adv. 1 tab) this will reduce CPU utilization while playing and making changes
Spectrum Analyzer tweaks to improve accuracy slightly on systems with older video cards
Windows 8.1 Support added
Updated Installer

Version 2014.00

Comprehensive "under the skins" re-design and code optimization applied throughout; older "legacy code" modified for speed and reliability with latest operating systems
New setup option to display all faceplates or "skins" flat with square corners; Note: this new feature may resolve rendering issues with older laptops & desktops
New wildcard search options added to all searches, wildcard characters supported:
? (matches any single character in search string, e.g. "ho?se" would find both "house" and "horse")
* (matches zero or more characters in search string, 1 or multiple astericks supported)
# (matches any single digit 0-9 in search string)
[list] (matches any single character in search string)
[!list] (matches any single character NOT in search string)
Note 1: a group of one or more characters in list (above) enclosed in brackets ([]) can be used to match any single character in search string and can include digits and almost all other character codes
Note 2: hyphen (-) use supported to separate the upper and lower bounds of a range, e.g. [A-Z]
Note 3: special characters supported with left bracket ([), number sign (#), question mark (?), asterisk (*), enclosed in brackets; the right bracket (]) cannot be used within such a group, but it can be used outside a group as an individual character
New option to display spectrum analyzer minimized or full size on startup when playing audio CDs or media files
New Disc Library & Media Center features:
Initial load options to sort ascending or descending
Columns to be displayed option
Research section with new links for online research, advanced searching+
Auto Size Columns updated
New Cover Art Viewer custom size option
Improved automated display of cover art viewer for audio CDs and media files
Illegal Windows filename characters \ / : * ? " < > | in cover art filenames (if found in Artist and/or Title) filtered out
Support improved for using "COVER.JPG" (or "FOLDER.JPG") in album directories to automatically identify and display cover art while playing media files
Alternate method of automatically identifying cover art file associated with media files updated by creating "ARTIST-TITLE.JPG" in cover art directory (set directory in setup)
Updated Internet Radio default stations
Updated playback code for:
OPUS (lossy audio compression format)
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
Cosmetic improvements to all faceplates (aka "skins")
Updated Installer

Version 2013.10

Improved CD-Runner Manual freedb Import, automatically removes extraneous information, this is especially useful for importing non-hybrid SACDs (and other discs not readable by a computer CD drive) into the Disc Library
New option to read "cover.jpg" (also "folder.jpg") cover art file from album directories and display as music files being played or searched
New cover art options for all media files that have readable tags (e.g. MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc.), set cover art for individual songs or set artist-album cover art for all songs belonging to same album
New Setup Cover Art location option; if set and files saved as "artist-album.jpg", then automatically found as needed by Disc & Music Libraries and during playback
Updated playback code for:
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
OPUS (lossy audio compression format)
Fixed problem with FLAC & OGG bitrate display while playing
Updated Installer with improved Windows 8 support

Version 2013.00

New Windows 8 Support
New auto detection of OS version
Small Windows 8 tweaks and enhancements if detected
New support for OPUS files
Updated file tags for all supported music files
Updated playback code for:
AAC (includes AAC+ & Shoutcast)
AC3 (Dolby Digital)
APE (Monkey's Audio)
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
SPX (Speex)
WV (WavPack)
New Installer

Version 2012.10

New freedb Raw Data Viewer, view all data associated with a CD entry online or local including data not normally displayed by any freedb-compatible program
support for all freedb local database entries
support for all online servers
Updated support for WavPack files
Improved support for internet and buffered file streams
Internet streaming tweaks/fixes
New UTF-8 device information
Improved tag support for:
MP4 tags
APEv1 tags

Version 2012.00

New Touchpad Landscape (rotated) Displays, full or small sizes
New Media Center (previously Server) for playback of audio & video files, Internet Radio
New Cyrillic <-> Default font toggle (Customize menu option) for Disc Library & Media Center
CD Ripper Update for Alternate Digital Rip Mode
Updated playback code for:
AAC (includes AAC+ & Shoutcast)
ALAC (Apple Lossless)
APE (Monkey's Audio)
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
SPX (Speex)
Disc & Media Libraries, improved detection & handling of corrupt or invalid image files
Media Library, improved detection of mp3 file details when scanning files with corrupt or missing tag information (bitrate, track times, etc.)

Version 2011.01

Minor cosmetic upgrades to new TouchPad Faceplate Display

Version 2011.00

New TouchPad Faceplate Display
All display options combined into one command center style screen
Option to select full or small display sizes
New CD Ripper default digital rip mode, updated to be compatible with most hardware and drivers
Complete redesign of Cover Art setup options & use throughout, now easier, faster, more features
New display support for Cyrillic character set used in >25 Slavic & non-Slavic languages (e.g. Bulgarian, Russian, Abkhaz, Romani, etc.)
New & faster program loader with built-in autosensing of audio CDs
and media files (eliminates older CDLauncher utility used in previous versions)
Updated setup options & defaults
New program installer

Version 2010.40

CD Ripper update for SATA CD drives (use Alternate Digital Rip Mode)
Spectrum Analyzer display update
WMA (Windows Media Audio) update
Bug fix for adding audio CD cover art when manually entering CD
Updated installer

Version 2010.30

Faster automated searching of all online servers for new audio CD information when default server is down or does not find match. 
Servers searched:
freedb (Germany)
TrackType (Australia)
MusicBrainz (US)
MusicBrainz (UK)
CD Ripper updated for 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7
New setup option (Adv. 2 tab) to force CD Ripper alternate digital rip mode; may be necessary for new SATA (Serial-ATA) CD drives and/or ASPI manager problems
Updated system information utility

Version 2010.20

New automated re-sizing of Artist - Album & Song displays when displaying cover art thumbnail in players
New Default Cover Art % Zoom option added in CD-Runner Setup
CD Ripper - update to Digital 2 (optional) rip mode
Updated playback code for:
ALAC (Apple Lossless)
APE (Monkey's Audio)
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
WMA (Windows Media Audio)
WV (WavPack)
Updated system information utility

Version 2010.10

New Cover Art Thumbnail display for all faceplate modes
New setup option to display or hide Cover Art Thumbnails
CD Ripper improvements:
Normal & Advanced digital extraction methods modified to be far more compatible with different hardware without sacrificing speed
Small cosmetic improvements to CD Ripper faceplate (GUI)
Turbo rip mode (rip & encode multiple songs at the same time) enhanced
Small enhancements for Windows 7
Media Server grid display fixes for minor cosmetic glitches
Internet radio stations updated
Updated installer

Version 2010

New Portable player, made to resemble generic MP3 players. Includes:
Size up/down (bigger/smaller)
Thumbnail of cover art displayed if available
New sizable cover art viewer for all audio CD & media playback
Media Server new and improved:
New slider to change image size in grid view
Multi-select added to grid view; use Ctrl and/or Shift keys when selecting tracks
Grid view text display modified to make easier to read
Grid view track display changed to show Artist - Album / Track Name
Improved display of media file info
Media Player
1X (actual or "native" size) playback improved for movie media files (AVI, MPG, etc.)
New 4X (Quadruple actual size) option for movie file playback
Movie Display new and improved:
If movie display zoomed in or out (+ or -) during playback of multiple files, window size retained until reset or new zoom
New display of actual or "native" movie size (W x H, pixels) when moving mouse over "Set to Actual Size" icon
Code updates result in faster load times and better video performance (less dropped frames on slower systems)
Updated playback code for:
AAC (includes AAC+ & Shoutcast)
AC3 (Dolby Digital)
ALAC (Apple Lossless)
APE (Monkey's Audio)
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
SPX (Speex)
WMA (Windows Media Audio)
WV (WavPack)
Updated & improved reading of file tags for ID3v1, ID3v2, OGG, FLAC, WMA, APEv2, MP4
Disc Library
New slider to change image size in grid view
Grid view text display modified to make easier to read
Research online links & sites updated
CD Ripper Updates:
New Auto Select All Tracks option
New Auto Close after rip / encode complete option
Display of tracks in main window improved
After all selected tracks ripped and encoded, display reset 
Updated MP3 Tag Utility
All setup, data & information screens modified to use new, more easily readable fonts

Version 2009.50

Comprehensive code optimization to improve loading times & screen refresh speed, fix rare OS-specific bugs and improve overall reliability
New 'No Drive Available' Setup option, for systems without CD or DVD drives (Netbook mode)  
Faster loading using automatic drive detection
New List & Grid View preferences saved (sizes, last used, etc.) for Disc Library and Media Server
New Media Server - double-click to play track option in all sub listings (e.g. Artists, Albums, Genre, etc.)
New Media Server automatic save column width preferences
Media Server / iTunes import updated to work with latest iTunes
Updated movie (MPG, AVI, etc.) playback
New support for very long media filenames (e.g. 256 characters for NTFS)

Version 2009.01

Patch for Windows 7 beta drivers
New greatly expanded payment options: Buy Now

Version 2009

New support for Windows 7
New Audio CD Runner features:
New option to automatically search all online databases if no match found, databases include:
freedb (Germany)
TrackType (Australia)
MusicBrainz (US & UK locations)
Online database being searched shown in main player display window
New Media Server:
Play audio and/or video from any networked device or drive
Faster file scanning during Add/Update
New option (checkbox) to eliminate duplicates during Add/Update
New option to force retrieval of track times for legacy media files
New alternate cover art thumbnail view of all entries with resize options
New horizontal resize bar between cover art & details panes
New shortcut icons to switch between thumbnail & list views
New View menu (top menu bar)
Improved selection of cover art
New Windows shortcut icon added to CD-Runner Applications Folder (Windows Start Menu) to directly access Media Server
New Disc Library features:
New alternate cover art thumbnail view of all entries with resize options
New horizontal resize bar between cover art & details panes
New shortcut icons to switch between thumbnail & list views
New View menu (top menu bar)
Improved selection of cover art
Improved auto drive detection for systems with multiple CD and DVD drives
Many small graphical improvements to all player screens

Version 2008.20

New CD Ripper features:
New Turbo mode option to rip and encode at the same time, much faster to rip multiple tracks or entire audio CD
Improved Setup screen, easier to select output (rip and encode to) directory, better display of current selections 
New Graphic / Parametric EQ screen shows levels in dB for each gain slider 
New Disc & Media Libraries, sort ascending or descending preference saved  

Version 2008.10

New Internet Radio upgrades, including:
New M3U support for radio station URLs
New PLS support for radio station URLs
Updated support for entry of radio station IP address URLs
Improved radio station connections; better connection speed, faster song title & message updates online
New Default Internet Radio Stations
New clone (create) SACD entry from audio CD entry or CD listed in local freedb database
Minor cosmetic bug fixes for new 2008.00 version

Version 2008

New Disc Library
New album artwork viewer pane
New CD details viewer pane
New local freedb database viewer
New advanced search options
New online research options
New GUI design, easier to use
New Media Library
New album artwork viewer pane
New media file details viewer pane
New advanced search options
New online research options
New GUI design, easier to use
New online CD data lookup options; in addition to freedb (Germany)
TrackType (Australia)
MusicBrainz (Oregon, US)
MusicBrainz (London, UK)
Redesigned playlist editors
Redesigned Alt. Digital Volume mode
CD Ripper improvements
faster rip speed (adv. digital mode)
improved automatic drive(s) detection
more accurate rip progress indicator
MP3 tags modified to include commas as valid characters
New progress indicators throughout for file scanning, database searching, etc.
New hyperlinks throughout replace older Browse buttons

Version 2007.02

New Vista shortcut icons (XL & Large, RGB/A 32-bit color+)
New Disc Library media types
New Disc & Media Library option to set custom font color
Disc & Media Libraries updated with Vista style GUI if Vista OS detected
Updated installer
15-band parametric and graphic EQs updated
Fix for intermittent slow retrieval of audio CD data when multiple exact freedb matches found online 
Cdlaunch utility modified to prevent multiple instances of CD-Runner from being loaded
Minor cosmetic improvements for screens when using Vista

Version 2007.00

New Microsoft Windows Vista compatible
New 'digital' audio CD playback
Allows spectrum analyzer to work with all audio CDs
Allows 15-band parametric and graphic EQs to work with all audio CDs
One of the only players available which can analyze and display audio CD frequencies and VU during playback
Optional 'analog' audio CD playback supports all older legacy CD drives and sound boards
New and Updated Analyzer modes
Spectrum - Updated
Bars - Updated
Wave - Updated
Sweep - Updated
VU - New
Stereo - New
New Peak Hold option for analyzer Bars and VU modes
New 3D LCD displays
New Ribbon Bar
Minimized to smallest possible height
New scrolling Artist-Album/Song Title display
Position automatically remembered
Optional 'open mode' with full displays 
Improved skins, buttons, faceplates, icons
New Transparency slider popup for all skins, allows you to vary how transparent the skin looks from ghost to glass to fully solid or any point between
Support added for MusicBrainz (alternative online freedb-like service)
Manual import from new freedb online search update
Improved export to Excel - Disc Library
Improved Internet Radio quality for marginal connections, less pops and clicks

Version 2006.50

New 3D Car Stereo Skins
Colors match main theme selected for home stereo faceplate
All graphical screens now match new skin colors (EQ, Spectrum Analyzer, Playlist Editor, etc.)
New 3D Home Stereo Skins (as above)
New 3D Buttons (used for all skins)
iPod import for Media Library improved
Updated System Info Utility
Updated CD-Runner Backup / Restore Utility
Improved CD-Runner Setup / Skin selection much faster
Improved detection of sound boards and associated drivers when playing audio CDs (e.g. default CD-Runner sound mode now works fine with latest Sound Blaster X-Fi board and driver) 

Version 2006.20

New playback, equalizer, spectrum analyzer and automatic tag reading support for:
AAC, AACH, M4A (Advanced Audio)
AC3 (Dolby Digital)
ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio)
APE (Monkey's Audio)
MPC (Musepack)
MP4 (MPEG-4)
TTA (True Audio)
SPX (Speex)
WV (WavPack)
Updated playback, equalizer, spectrum analyzer and automatic tag reading support for:
FLA, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio)
OGG (Ogg Vorbis) 
WMA (Windows Media Audio) 
New on/off toggle operation for all playlist editor & info screens; first button click opens, second click closes 
New Default Startup Screen option (Setup / Advanced 2)
Last Used
Car Stereo
Home Stereo
CD-Runner Setup / freedb section modified to show in Windows taskbar; if hidden behind other apps/screens, simply click [freedb Setup] on taskbar
New 'My Music' default music folder
freedb local CD database search, new 'exact phrase match'
Improved local freedb database indexing, better error correction for non-alphanumeric characters
Fixed status bar for very long audio CD tracks (>24 minutes)
Improved installer, default CD-Runner icon associated with file types (if CD-Runner chosen as default player during install)

Version 2006.10

New lower prices! $9.95 New, $4.95 Upgrade
New Internet Radio support for proxy servers
Minimized (Ribbon) faceplate support added for Internet Radio
Fixed problem with recording Internet Radio (was reset by some online stations) - now saves songs played online as MP3 files
Spectrum analyzer and EQ minor tweaks if new Soundblaster X-Fi sound card detected

Version 2006

New Internet Radio
Over 100 preloaded radio stations
Streaming MP3, MP2, MP1, Ogg, WAV (including Shoutcast, Icecast & Icecast2) supported
Support for 15-band EQ & Spectrum Analyzer included
Add, modify and delete radio station favorites
Use preset buttons 1 thru 20 on faceplate to quickly tune to favorite stations
Use '>20' button and numeric keys to jump to new station 
View and tune to all radio stations in both Media Library and popup Info screen
New Media Library feature to open / play Internet stream (URL) directly
New CD-Text data support for Audio CDs
Automatic detection of CD-Text data if present
Manual mode to view and import CD-Text data into library 
New Disc Library for audio CDs, SACDs, DVDs, etc. (replaces older 'Music Library')
New iPod iTunes Library import feature - import media files and radio stations from iTunes into the CD-Runner Media Library
Updated Media Library for files (MP3, Ogg, WAV, MPG, AVI, etc.) on hard drive(s) and radio stations
Updated CD Ripper
New advanced digital extraction (rip) mode, with better compatibility and speed
Rip audio CD to:
New Audio CD refresh feature - helps when ripping several CDs in one session
Updated main CD Ripper player with all of the basic Audio CD playback and volume controls 
Improved local freedb database searching
15-band EQ now remembers and uses last used profile
Backup & Restore Utility now remembers and uses last saved path/file
Many small improvements throughout, designed to make the program easier to use

Version 2005.30

New local freedb features
New "exact word(s)" search feature
New wildcard(s) search option (see below)
New online search options
Set default online search site in CD-Runner Setup
Added "Artist Direct" to list of default online sites
freedb section / Advanced tab, new site selection
New local freedb stats displayed - freedb / About
date database last updated
date index last updated
total titles listed by freedb category - Rock, Misc, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Soundtrack, Newage, Country, Reggae & Data
total titles in local freedb
New wildcard(s) seaching for local freedb, Music Library and Media Library search screens; wildcard characters:
* - (asterisk) for multiple wildcard characters
? - (question mark) for single wildcard character
# - (number sign) for single numeric character
Any combination of the above wildcard characters may be used anywhere in the search string
Music Library - if using custom CD-Runner data directory, path displayed on title bar
All new installer - much better compression, much faster

Version 2005.20

New Spectrum Analyzer update frequency settings for audio CDs and media files - allows for custom graphical redraw speeds to match different sound boards and systems
New setup option to match info screen colors and fonts with skin display screens
New setup option to set text color for info screens
New Music Library features
New automatic database updating
New Info screen - 'Help / Music Library Information' menu or press F2
SACD automatic filename created during manual Add operation improved
Improved Backup & Restore Utility for CD-Runner data
Improved Installation Wizard
Updated FLAC decoding - more accurate timing+
Improved sizable media playlist icons / text displays
Added media type to sizable media playlist STATS view
New sizable media playlist sort by media type option

Version 2005.10

New FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback
New setup option to specify custom CD-Runner data directory
New freedb local database features
Date local database file last indexed
Link to download latest freedb database file
Minor cosmetic bug fixes for a couple of new for 2005 features

Version 2005

Comprehensive redesign of all screens
If using Windows XP, new XP themes for all buttons, tabs, listboxes, etc.
New & improved screen layouts, much easier to use
New Library design - new XP style GUI
New Compact faceplate mode - much smaller than Car Stereo and Home Stereo faceplates
Automatic docking of screens expanded to support sides and bottom of faceplates
When using Car Stereo mode, new Car Stereo surround theme used on related screens (e.g. EQ, Spectrum Analyzer, etc.)
Improved Music Library label section
Pulldown choice of preset label types
Label positions approximated on screen
New CD Ripper filename format - "01 - track desc.mp3" added to preset selection of filename types
Direct file play from Windows Explorer changed to display last used faceplate mode
New MP3 CD Auto Start option
New Sizable Media Playlist Editor features:
Size (KB) and Date/Time now displayed in Stats view
New feature to sort playlist by Date/Time
CD-Runner Setup redesigned to make easier to use (with volume labels displayed on drive selection pulldowns, improved layout of tabs & options, much more)
Improved messages displayed when audio CD not found online; server busy or unavailable, unable to connect to freedb due to problem with Internet connection, setup configuration problem, etc.
New & improved progress bar popups with % completion
Cosmetic improvements to Ribbon (minimized), Home Stereo and Car Stereo faceplate modes
Improved installer will search for existing CD-Runner installation and use existing path if found

Version 2004.05

New System Information Utility - this is now exactly how CD-Runner "sees" your system (in the event of trouble, send us a screen shot of this utility)
New progress bar popups showing percent completion for all search, scan and reindex screens
Improved freedb servers update
Date last updated displayed
Server settings preserved (unless server removed/added)
Manual server add operation improved
Improved music library data entry
Improved MP3 CD text position when using Car stereo mode with small spectrum analyzer
Redesigned freedb Setup tab (easier to read)
Fixed minor issue with playing (jumping to) different part of media audio file (MP3, Ogg, WAV, etc.) by clicking status bar or using fast-rew/fwd buttons
Fixed >20 button conflict with remote control numeric keys
Many small cosmetic improvements, including new icons, graphics and layout changes

Version 2004.04

New freedb HTTP submit mode
Faster than email submission, works with firewalls (including those requiring username/password authentication)
New freedb online text search
freedb section / Advanced tab
New add music library entries option using online freedb for any non-CD media such as LP, Cassette, etc. (uses text-based freedb online lookup with your web browser)
New local freedb database search features
All words (e.g. word1 AND word2 AND...)
Any words (e.g. word1 OR word2 OR...)
Exact phrase
Fixed problem with automatic local freedb CD lookup
Redesigned freedb Setup section

Version 2004.03

New local freedb search features
New search type options
Normal, read data direct from index file, no additional RAM required
New RAM Cache method, 50% faster and 50% less RAM required
CDDB ID now shown in search results box along with Artist and Album
New Media Library features & improvements
New Add files features to add or update files stored on any drive and/or directory
Much faster when displaying listings
New Hide / Display Media Library when playing media file(s) option
New remove file from hard drive option
New remove file from Media Library option
New Music Library report option to export only displayed entries (e.g. a single Artist-related entries, or Album, Genre, Format-related, etc.) as CSV, HTML, TXT or XLS
Improved automatic DVD movie aspect ratio detection and sizing
New automatic popup control panel when playing movie file or DVD and full screen selected
New default 2 band EQ for Media Video files
Fixed status bar display for very large movie files
New keyboard hotkeys for all faceplates:
Left arrow = Previous if playing track, else playlist editor
Right arrow = Next if playing track, else Play
P = playlist editor
~ = playlist editor

Version 2004.02

New support for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004
New support for Microsoft Remote Control (or compatible)
[Remote Key Description], CD-Runner function:
[Numeric keys 1-9], jump to track 1-9
[Replay], Previous Track
[Skip], Next Track
[Stop], Stop playback
[Clear], Power Off (Player screens), Cancel (all others)
[Back], Music Library (if playing CD), Media Library
[Up Arrow], Eject CD/DVD
[Down Arrow], Pause (toggle on/off)
[Left Arrow], Playlist Editor
[Right Arrow], Play
[Numeric key 0], CD-Runner Mute (toggle on/off)
[Enter, OK], Enter, OK
[Volume Up/Down], Master Volume Up/Down
[Mute], Mute (toggle on/off)
New support to export listing or entire Music/Media databases as generic XLS file, compatible with all Excel versions
New Music & Media Libraries Print, Report & Export Features
New printing options & features (File/Print...)
Print displayed listing
Additional Music Library print features
Print database listing
Print database listing w/ changer ID
Print user selected database fields
Print entire database
New export database features
Export listing as CSV, TXT or XLS
Export listing as HTML
Export user selected database fields as CSV, TXT or XLS (Music Library)
Export entire database as CSV, TXT or XLS
Export listing as HTML
New database statistics report
Last used positions and sizes of library screens saved
New center screen option for libraries

        (right click any row, new option added to popup menu)

Improved data archive & retrieval utility - faster, easier to use
Fixed problem with CD Ripper, track read error if invalid characters (?,* etc.) in filename to be created

Version 2004.01

New data archive & retrieval utility - now save and restore all of your CD data, playlists, etc. as a ZIP file
New CD Label printing options, with support for many more sheet label sizes and CD label locations
New option to start 15-band EQ minimized (CD-Runner Setup)
New media file information popup if not playing MP3 or Ogg
New Music Library primary and secondary scan sort options
New CD-Runner Setup drive selection pulldowns - these replace the previously problematic standard Windows drive selection pulldowns which failed on some machines if no disc was in the drive
New - skins implemented for spectrum analyzer and 15-band EQ
Improved SACD data import options
Improved handling of 32-bit Ogg streams
Improved tag editors
Fixed a couple minor DVD playback issues (previously loaded DVD data cleared when new DVD loaded, DVD playback screen automatically stopped and closed if eject button pressed on drive)
Updated context-sensitive help

Version 2004

New Spectrum Analyzer
Includes small faceplate & large equipment displays
Multiple modes: Spectrum, Bars, Waveform, Sweep
New 15-band Equalizer
Parametric EQ option allows custom bandwidth settings
Graphic EQ option
Optional frequency settings for all bands
Reverb included
30 preset EQ profiles included
Unlimited custom EQ profiles (including Default)
New Ogg Vorbis support
CD Ripper - rip audio CD to Ogg
Automated Ogg tagging
Ogg tag editor / viewer included
Ogg playback
Improved positioning of artist, album & track title labels on all faceplates
Improved CD-Runner Setup utility
Media file (MPG, AVI, etc.) and DVD movie playback windows modified to use Autodock option (if disabled, last used position automatically saved & re-used)
Last browsed media directory automatically saved & re-used


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